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Architectural Approval


For the benefit of individual home and property owners as well as the community at large, you are required to submit requests for any permanent changes or additions to the exterior (including front, rear and side yards, and pool/lanai areas) of your home and property.  The Committee's specific direction is to provide fair and consistent recommendations to the SLCA Board for approval, disapproval or approval with modification(s).

The Architectural Review Committee meets, as necessary, to consider requests.  Residents are encouraged to provide the ARC with all requests and supporting documentation approximately one week prior to commence of work in order to give the committee members adequate time for review and, in some situations, to address the need for clarifying additional documentation prior to the meeting.

Effective July 1, 2010, the fee for review of an application for approval by the Serenoa Lakes Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is hereby changed from no charge to $100.  In the event that the community member requests ARC approval prior to the commencement of work on the project, that $100 fee is waived.

Click here to download the ARC Request Form.  

No ARC Request Paperwork Required for the Following Activities:

1. Re-paint house exteriors and trims in the identical color previously approved by the SLCA.

2. Re-surface existing driveways in the identical color/material previously approved by the SLCA.

3. Replace existing screening with identical screening material previously approved by the SLCA.

4. Replace existing exterior doors and/or windows with identical exterior doors and/or windows with those previously approved by the SLCA.

5. Replace existing roof with an identical roof.

6. Replace existing trees and/or bushes with those of like kind to those previously approved by the SLCA.

All references above to "identical" shall mean that such item will be replaced with an item that is identical in all respects to the existing item (i.e., the identical style, texture, size, color, type, etc.) even those in accordance with deed restricted Covenants and Restrictions for the Serenoa Lakes Community.  

Recommended Tree List

Forest Trees
Forest Trees

The following is an updated recommended tree list to be used to meet the minimum requirements of the Serenoa Lakes Declaration.  Substitutions may be allowed in each category provided the substitution is noted on the Plan submitted.  The Street Trees planted by the Developer shall not be removed unless they are in conflict with the driveway location.  In that case, the tree should be relocated to either side of the driveway at the time of construction.  The Street Trees do not count towards the total number of trees required.  Any other existing tree(s) on the lot that meet the requirements below may be counted towards the required plantings.
Approved Canopy Tree List: (7 required) 
Size: 2.5 inch caliper and 10 feet in overall height.

Quercus Virginiana (Live Oak) 
Ulmus Americana (Florida Elm)
Ulmus Alata (Winged Elm)
Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)
Magnolia Grandiflora (Southern Magnolia - regular)
Magnolia Virginiana (Sweetbay) 
Pinus Palustria (Longleaf Pine) 
Pinus Elliotti (Slash Pine) 
Taxodium Distichum (Bald Cypress)
Podocarpus Nagi (Nagi Podocarpus)
Podocarpus Macrophyllus (Yew Podocarpus)
Nyssa Silvatica (Black Tupelo)
Liquidambar Styracflora (Sweet Gum)
Juniperus Sillcicola (Southern Red Cedar)
Tabebuia Heterophylla (Pink Trumpet Tree)
Bucida Buceras (Black Olive)  

Approved Accent Tree List: (3 required) 
Size: 2 inch caliper and 8 feet in overall height.

Callistemon Citinus (Bottlebrush) 
Callistemon Viminalis (Weeping Bottlebrush) 
Ilex Cassine (Dahoon Holly) 
Ilex X Attenuata (East Palatka Holly)
Ilex Vomitoria (Yaupon Holly) 
Lagerstroemia Indica (Crape Myrtle) 
Myrica Cerifera (Wax Myrtle)
Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson's Stopper)
Magnolia Grandiflora (Southern Magnolia - "Little Gem")
Viburnum Obovatum (Walter Viburnum)
Cordia Boissieri (White Geiger)
Eriobotrya Japonica (Loquat) 

Note: Three (3) Palm Trees of fifteen (15) feet in height or greater may be exchanged for one canopy or accent tree.  This substitution may only be used once on each lot.

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