Owner Recommended Vendors

The recommended vendors list is not an endorsement by the Serenoa Lakes Community Assocation.  Rather, it represents the view of the named homeowner who used the vendor and was satisfied with the work done at a price that was acceptable.


Air Conditioning & Heating:

Badger Bob’s, Rich Kesteloot, 941-330-5340, or 941-924-1920 (Anderson)


Acupuncture Treatment:

Acupuncture Care Center Dr. Li Wang (SL resident) – 941-929-1122 (Anderson)


Audio Video & Computer Services: 

John Griesmeyer - 941-587-3585 (Anderson)



Dr. Christopher Gehron, 941-806-5744, (Anderson)  


Drywall Repair & Handyman:

Podolan Building Restoration - Bob Podolan, 941-321-9086 (Luthy)


Dryer Vent Cleaning:
Vent Safe – Jim Berstling - 941-374-7233 (McCall)

Electrical Repairs:
Brussee Electric LLC – Tim Brussee, 941-650-3832 (Anderson)

Kochendorfer Electric Corp – Brad, 941-371-8342 or 941-234-7305 (McCarthy)


Granite Company: 

International Artistic Stone – Robert, 941-923-7080 (Watts)

Gutter Cleaning:

Alain Gutter Cleaning, Alain, 941-914-3936 (Detweiler)


Gutters & Screen Repairs:

Monroe Miller Screening, 941-724-3527 (North)

Lonnie Miller Aluminum, 941-377-2296 or 941-232-3181 (Anderson)
Pro Screen Solutions, 941-504-0248 (Luthy)

Juan Zorilla, Inc., 941-928-2296 (Baker)


Joe Taylor, 941-544-6627 (Backman)

Home Additions & General Contractors:

Stroop Design & Construction – Ed Stroop, 941-342-7448 (Luthy)


Home Watchers:

Home Watch Suncoast, Julie Rosenkrantz, 941-321-2555 (T. McFadden)

Wendy Kreiss-Parkin, 941-525-2947 (Backman)


Irrigation/Well pumps:

Parrish Well Drilling & Pump Service, 941-378-4061 (Anderson)

Rhodes Irrigation, Don Rhodes, 941-322-4348 (Anderson)

Wagler Irrigation, 941-928-2737 (Backman)


Kitchen Cabinets:

Christie Enterprises – Jim Christie - 941-376-3363 (Luthy)


Kitchen Counters:

Sarasota Natural Stone - Andrei, 941-342-7774 (Luthy)

International Artistic Stone – Robert, 941-923-7080 (Watts)


Lawn, Fertilization & Grounds Care:

SRQ Lawn Service – Sam, 941-355-3706 (McAninch)

Outdoor Grill Inspector:

American Grill & Hearth, 941-925-3985 (Leech)

Surburban Propane, 941-755-1531 (Dicerbo)


SRQ Painting, Tim Hannold, 941-328-2849 (Backman)

Campbell’s Coating, Inc. – Bill Campbell, 941-708-5104 (McCall)



Kane’s Total Plumbing - Mark Kane, 941-928-3434 (Anderson)


Pool Services:

Panda Bear Pool Care, Mike Backman (SL resident), 941-702-4707 (Anderson)

Sherlock Leak Detection,  941-764-8181 (Luthy)

Mr. Marcite, pool resurfacing,  941-488-0667 (North)


Pressure Washing:

Reliable Pressure Cleaning, Chris McLaughlin, 941-780-5814 (Anderson)

Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning - Laszlo Farkas, 941-726-6098 (Lavezzorio)

1st Class Services, Paver Sealing & Power Washing, Andrew Berberich, 941-536-1363 (Kelly)


Real Estate Services:

Coldwell Banker, Karie Backman (SL resident), 941-404-8389 (Anderson)


Roof Repairs:

Roofing by Curry, 941-921-9111 (North)

Gary’s Roofing & Building, 941-922-1599 (Garvin)

Gopher Roofing, 941-371-1613 (Anderson)


Roof Replacements:

Zoller Roofing, Nick Zoller, 941-923-7663 (Connor)


Sliding Doors Repairs:

Alex Sliding Door Repairs, 941-225-2658 (Dicerbo)

Pro Sliding Glass Door Repair, Mark Freddes, 941-928-2263 (Garvin)

EZSlider Sliding Glass Door and Window Repair, Christopher Ruthven, 941-628-8579 (Leech)

Solar Panel for Pools:

Roark Solar, Jim Roark, 941-924-3016

Termite & Pest Control:

Nobile Pest Solutions, LLC - Ron Nobile, 941-807-5907 (Anderson)

Tree Service:

R.A.W. Tree Service – Rick, 941-951-1282 or 941-302-0830 (Anderson)

Windows & Doors Leak Detection:

Sleuth Inc., 800-329-5325 (Fadell)


Window & Screen Repairs:

All Brands Window Service, Lisa & Wayne Lane, 941-484-3037 (Ryder)